Helen Storey​ 

Complementary Therapist

Supporting Wellbeing and Relaxation​


Feet are often a neglected area of our bodies yet they work incredibly hard every day and are a complex highly sensitive structure within the body. 

Many of us spend much of our time within our heads absorbing information and reviewing our own thoughts.  I have regularly seen clients start a Reflexology treatment chatting about their day, worries and concerns and then part way through they find their mind starts to slow and still, often resulting in them breathing slower and deeper, closing their eyes or falling asleep for a while (all normal reactions).

The chance to reconnect with the feet allows us the opportunity to ground the whole body as well as clearing and refreshing our minds. 

This therapy uses massage and applied pressure to specific points on the feet. These points are said to represent different areas and organs of the body which are identified on the feet. The aim is to relax and rebalance the whole body.  

The treatment is carried out while seated, the legs are raised and supported. Oil or a foot cream is used to moisturise the lower leg, ankles and feet.