Helen Storey​ 

Complementary Therapist

Supporting Wellbeing and Relaxation

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle light touch form of body work. The therapy can be helpful for managing modern day stress and busy lifestyles. Clients often come when they are experiencing change within themselves for example menopause (including peri-menopause) or after a period of illness. Treatment is also often sought to manage changes in environment such as starting a family, older children leaving home, additional job responsibilities or caring for elderly relatives.

Many of these things require a period of adjustment both physically and emotionally and Craniosacral Therapy aims to provide a means of support for that to happen.

Treatment takes place lying on a massage couch fully clothed, pillows and blankets are provided for comfort. A number of light touch hand holds can be used. Most people feel relaxed and some people fall into a light sleep. You may also feel warmth, cold or tingling in an area of the body, this is all normal and varies from treatment to treatment. Some people feel very little, this is also fine.

After treatment many clients continue to feel relaxed, perhaps pleasantly tired or more energised- this depends on what your body needs at this particular time. 

The Craniosacral Association has produced a short video showing how clients experience their treatment, please click on the button below to view

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