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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

It is a hands on treatment using only a very light touch. Its origins came from osteopathic doctors and it was developed as a therapy in its own right in the 1970s, it is used worldwide.

Cranio relates to the cranium(skull) which holds the brain. Sacral refers to the sacrum, the triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine.Between the two is the spinal cord which is bathed and protected by cerebrospinal fluid.

Cerebrospinal fluid expresses a subtle rhythmic motion and it is this that the therapist brings their attention to when working with the client.

Watch a short YouTube video showing how clients experience their treatment.

How does it work?

The therapist is trained to use the light touch of their hands to perceive areas of congestion or restriction in the body which may affect how it functions. 

What can Craniosacral Therapy be used for?

Clients have come to see me with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, so please contact me to discuss your situation further.

Can anyone have Craniosacral Therapy?

Yes. It has been frequently used on people of all ages from small babies and children to the elderly because it is so gentle.

Babies and Children

Birth can be difficult for both mother and child, the baby is subject to many forces as it makes its way through the birth canal and pelvis. A babies head is usually able to absorb these stresses as the bones can overlap and are not yet fully formed. 

Children of all ages from babies to teenagers seem to enjoy treatment, finding it relaxing and calming, which may then be helpful in improving their general wellbeing. 

Treatment for mother both before and after birth is also useful in coping with physical and emotional changes.

What happens during a treatment?

You will usually be asked to lie on a couch, pillows and blankets can be used to ensure you are warm and comfortable during treatment. 

Babies and children can be treated off the couch, either sitting on a parents lap or while playing on the floor.

Most people feel relaxed and some people fall into a light sleep. You may also feel warmth, cold or tingling in an area of the body, this is all normal and varies from treatment to treatment. Some people feel very little, this is also fine.

How will I feel after a treatment?

Usually relaxed, perhaps pleasantly tired or more energised- this depends on what your body needs at that particular time. i always suggest that a client is guided by these feelings and rests after a treatment if needed. The effects of a treatment can often be felt by the client over the next few days as the body adjusts.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies from person to person, some people only need one or two treatments. However, for more chronic situations it is usual to have a course of treatments as the results are cumulative. I would discuss this with each client and review it with them as appropriate.

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